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Adoptive Cell Transfer Therapy (ACT) refers to the isolation of immunocompetent cells from tumor patients, expansion and functional identification in vitro, and then reinfusion to patients, so as to directly kill tumors or stimulate the body's immune response The purpose of killing tumor cells. Adoptive immune cell therapy mainly includes several categories such as TIL, LAK, CIK, DC, NK, TCR-T, and CAR-T. Neoantigens that are highly immunogenic provide excellent targets for ACT, which uses the patient's own naturally occurring or genetically engineered tumor-fighting lymphocytes. Neoantigen-based adoptive cell therapy, including TILs and genetically engineered immune cells with novel TCRs or CARs, has been successfully used to treat a variety of malignancies. Learn more:neoantigen-based adoptive cell transfer therapy

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